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Tahir Ashraf a multi-award-winning commercial and Chancery barrister is the founder of 5 Chancery Lane Commercial Barristers. Tahir’s strategic vision brings together an exclusive selection of barristers dedicated to the provision of world class service for commercial and Chancery solicitors, national and international HNW clients and businesses. Tahir focuses his commercial acumen in his advisory and litigation practice. Tahir accepts instructions in advisory and contentious matters from HNW individuals and business of all sizes concerning ‘almost all things business’, commerce and insolvency law related matters.

Chancery Commercial Barrister Tahir Ashraf is the Founder of 5 Chancery Lane - providing a collaboration of Commercial Barristers for the benefit of business and individual clients.

Chancery Commercial Barrister Tahir Ashraf is the Founder and Head of Chambers of 5 Chancery Lane – providing a collaboration of Commercial Barristers for the benefit of Commercial Chancery Solicitors businesses and individual clients.

Tahir Ashraf – Commercial Specialism

As a commercial barrister in London Tahir Ashraf’s practice is commercial. He works with solicitors and industry clients both lay and professional from a diverse background. Others include those at the cutting edge of the automotive, energy and transport sectors. He is also instructed to appear in the UK Supreme Court in landmark commercial cases.

Tahir Ashraf specialises in working with small and medium sized companies, entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses as well as energy start-ups. Predominantly in the UK and with those who have UK based interests. Ashraf undertakes banking advisory work as well as commercial and chancery litigation. His work includes advice on loan and facility agreements, particularly involving transport infrastructure as well as projects where land is being procured / or provided for the development of facilities such as solar power plants and waste to energy. Ashraf also considers rail, marine and automotive to be intrinsic segments of the transport sector, within which he has been involved in some of the most cutting edge technological developments and knowledge. These include projects around harnessing the power and potential of hydrogen as a clean and emission-free power-source thereby being an undeniable future-fuel.

Tahir Ashraf – Counsel in World-First Public Private Partnerships

Ashraf as sole legal Counsel has been working on the establishment of two world-first projects of significant global footprint and social impact. The first was the transport infrastructure emissions monitoring programme, delivered during the spring of 2015 in West Africa. It was unique also in that it brought together multiple private technology partners as well as public bodies and governments. It was a complex multi-party and multi-faceted international public private partnership project particularly because it was part funded by a development bank and supported by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and therefore required a significant understanding and balancing of commercial risks against the goals and ambitions of the project.

The second, project was to create a world-first ‘Green Bond’ for transport infrastructure, designed specifically to reduce emissions from internal combustion engines, used in the automotive, rail and marine sectors. As a result, Ashraf identifies as having a penchant for multi-faceted-multi-party projects.

“Much of my commercial projects related work has a social impact. It has taken me on a journey to future and alternative fuels such as hydrogen, as a future-fuel, today”, says Ashraf.

As part of his commercial work, Ashraf makes legal matters less onerous by making his services a ‘de-stress purchase’. Alongside his commercial litigation work, matters such as advising on and drafting contracts has become second nature. Ashraf’s corporate finance includes the provision of commercially sound as well as strategic corporate finance advice. Where necessary Ashraf often works with a team of internal / external specialists and advises on company work, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, insolvency, recovery and of course, capital projects.

Tahir Ashraf – Commercial Litigation

As a commercial litigation man, when disputes arise, Ashraf’s usual approach is to take a pragmatic yet robust approach to resolution. Either through alternative dispute resolution or court litigation. He advises clients on a variety of commercial disputes including partnership disputes, shareholder claims, defamation, professional negligence, insolvency matters and claims, property and trusts as well as intellectual property law matters.

International Capabilities

As an international barrister Ashraf collaborates with outstanding practitioners from other jurisdictions and those in industry across the globe. These so far range from the automotive, banking and commodities sectors. Tahir Ashraf has extensive experience of advising on international transactions and cross-border issues. He works across multiple jurisdictions where appropriate, with independent international law firms and former members of the judiciary, providing clients with a world-class service. He provides commercially-focussed pragmatic practical law advice built on the foundations of sound commercial judgment, which his clients appreciate. He openly attributes his success to sheer hard work and of course, his clients. To read more about Tahir Ashraf click here.



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